Production Slots

Securing a Production Position for your ADEPT Airmotive Engine is simple and secure.
Stage 1:
Secure the next available engine production position by completing a ‘Production Position Agreement‘ and paying a US$2000 refundable deposit into an independent, secure escrow account. We will input your requirements into our production schedule and provide you with details and expected timing of the next available production position, which you may then accept.
Stage 2:
3 months prior to the expected delivery date of your engine, you will be required to pay a 35% production deposit which will kick off the assembly of your engine to match your selected specifications.
Stage 3:
Once your engine is complete, you will pay the remaining balance, and take delivery of your brand new ADEPT Engine.

Once you have completed a ‘Production Position Deposit Agreement’, please send it to, after which you will be directed to the page for payment method options for your US$2000 refundable deposit.

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