Engine ECU and Avionics Integration

21 Apr 2011

ADEPT Airmotive have recently completed the successful integration of the 280N & 320T engine ECU with the MGL Avionics suite.

In traditional engine installations the engine monitoring sensors are connected directly to various instruments for readout. With ADEPT’s advanced integrated system, the various sensors are connected to the engine ECU which in turn outputs that data to the avionics. Specialized CAN bus hardware has allowed our team to get the ECU to ‘talk’ to the avionics by making full use of the MGL’s customizability, thus providing full engine monitoring via the MGL ‘glass’ cockpit.

This integration also includes using the latest fully programmable solid state switching technology which does away with conventional and bulky circuit breakers. In this way ADEPT continues its ethic of taking the best that technology has to offer and integrating this into a package that fits our “Nexgen Now” philosophy.