First Customer Engine Delivered

4 Mar 2014

We are proud to announce that on 4 March 2014, our first customer engine was delivered to Vliegmasjien in Johannesburg, South Africa.

This 320T engine forms part of our monitored flight program, and we are looking forward to assessing the data from this installation. The installation is a pusher configuration, with a reverse feathering 5-blade MT propeller. The propeller RPM at cruise speeds is approximately 1500rpm, leading to high efficiency, and low noise emissions. The Vliegmasjien C-Wolf is a unique aircraft in that it is designed to be an amphibian bush plane, with an extremely spacious cabin, and excellent carrying capacity.

The ADEPT Airmotive 320T engine is ideally suited to this application, and we are looking forward to assessing the performance results in flight.