Adept Wins South Africa’s Most Prestigious Environmental Award

6 Oct 2017

The Mail and Guardian, one of Africa’s most respected newspapers, has for several years, run a “Greening the Future” campaign in which companies, organisations and individuals are recognised for their contribution towards reducing pollution and contributing to a sustainable and ‘green’ environment.

Aviation, and in particular the majority of General Aviation (GA) aircraft which require leaded fuels, are significant contributors to air pollution and carbon emissions. The ADEPT engine range, which has been designed to operate on unleaded fuels, which include those containing ethanol, provides a solution to the GA industry. The use of unleaded fuels allows the incorporation of catalytic converters in the exhaust system which converts the carbon monoxide, nitrous oxides, volatile organic compounds, and hydrocarbons that are produced in the combustion process to harmless water and carbon dioxide. In addition, ADEPT has focussed on “clean and green” manufacturing processes and the use of recyclable materials in their engine range.

In recognition of the ADEPT engine’s uniquely low environmental impact, ADEPT was the winner in the M&G’s Greening the Future awards in the Energy Efficiency and Carbon Management category of the 2017 awards. The ADEPT team are proud to be recognised for their contribution to making the world a little cleaner and safer place to live.