Strategic Partnership boosts manufacturing resources

28 Feb 2018

2018 has kicked off on a high note for the ADEPT engine manufacturing programme. South African company Aerosud Holdings and ADEPT have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) that establishes a Strategic Partnership agreement between the two companies.

Aerosud Aviation is a Tier 1 supplier to Boeing and Airbus, on platforms such as A320, B737, A350, B777 and A380 and is responsible for Design and Build work packages on the Airbus A400M programme.

The company was also involved in the early stages of the South African Surveillance, Reconnaissance and Close Air Support aircraft, the AHRLAC.

Aerosud’s superb track record at the leading edge of aviation production will allow ADEPT to fast track, streamline and align our manufacturing systems with industry best practice. Aerosud’s stated intent is to help grow the ADEPT aviation propulsion business into a world class offering and to position ADEPT engines as the preferred and relevant technology in General Aviation, meeting the need for new and environmentally friendly piston engines in this sector.

“South Africa has a proud record of engineering innovation, and early adoption of new technologies and their applications. ADEPT applied 3D printing as a key enabler during the product development phase – with excellent results – contributing to a very unique engine with great potential.


The partnership will see ADEPT benefit from robust business systems and certification skills that are necessary to be relevant in the international aviation manufacturing and export industry.”


Johan Steyn – Managing Director of Aerosud Aviation

ADEPT is also a member of CAMASA, the Commercial Aviation Manufacturing Association of South Africa. This organisation represents the best and most innovative companies in South Africa, and is driving recognition of South Africa as the Continent’s driver of aviation excellence, innovation, design and manufacturing.

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