Appointment of Sales and Marketing Executive

25 May 2020

Carl Meyer ADEPT

Carl Meyer – ADEPT Marketing and Sales Executive.

ADEPT, manufacturers of advanced, high-performance piston engines for general aviation, appointed Carl Meyer to its Exco as part of the sales and marketing team. The company, which has built a robust, innovative engine that can run on alternative fuels, quietly, more efficient, with lower emissions and a lower carbon footprint to help plane owners comply with global environmental expectations and guidelines.

In light of the COVID-19 travel restrictions and the cancellation of Oshkosh 2020, the company has embarked on an innovative digital marketing campaign to reach the global market, including a focus on the USA where we are also planning some regional ‘air-show’ style launches later in the year. 

Carl brings a wealth of experience, not only spearheading marketing activities at global aviation expos such as Oshkosh, but also an understanding of how to deploy digital tools to create dynamic marketing campaigns. In this way customers can become well exposed to the product under the current restrictions.

ADEPT CEO Themba September says: “Carl, a pilot himself, understands how to move beyond traditional marketing to bring to life the range of engines which were invented by company founder and engineer Richard Schulz.  Richard has taken propulsion technology into the future, positioning ADEPT as future leaders in the global pressure to reduce CO2 emissions.  Richards’ design genius is synonymous with ground-breaking multi-fuel, environmentally responsible and sensitive, multi-application ICE GA propulsion.”

Richard is currently engaged in discussions with NTC OEMs to increase manufacturing capability and develop and expand the range of engines and thus fulfilling the needs of a broader aviation market. This is after serious enquiries for expansion of the power band.

With increased interest from new applications like flying cars the company is poised for success into the future. 

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Themba September


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ADEPT engines are poised to become the power-plant of choice in the 280Hp – 380Hp sector of the General Aviation industry. As an organisation, ADEPT remains committed to responsible, and sustainable business practices. Given the nature of our industry, ADEPT has a unique perspective on the impact that aviation should have on our environment – essentially as little as possible. Our vast investment in clean manufacturing technology, in building engines that run on readily available lead-free fuels, including ethanol blends, engines that are quiet, have the lowest exhaust emissions and Carbon footprint in both manufacture and operation, are our investment in the future of aviation. We also believe that flying should be affordable and accessible to those who want to take to the skies. We believe, both literally and figuratively, that flying should not cost the earth.