Adept Engine in USA for Lancair Installation

21 Dec 2020

Doug and Laurie Osterberg are elated at the delivery of the ADEPT 360T engine that will be installed in their Lancair. Doug and Laurie have been staunch supporters of ADEPT in the USA, and have gone so far as to assist with manning the ADEPT displays at Oshkosh for a number of years. The engine was shipped to Chicago, and Lee Brinley facilitated the customs clearance paperwork. The Wisconsin based couple have been building the Lancair for a number of years, and are now at the stage where they are ready to install the engine and avionic packages.

We will be following and reporting on the build progress as they move forward. The photos show the engine being crated in South Africa prior to shipment, and then after customs clearance in the USA. We will be receiving more pictures as the build progresses, and look forward to seeing even broader smiles from Doug and Laurie. Not to mention a bottle of bubbly when the first flight is completed.

A big thank you to the couple for putting their trust in a modern engine, and being frontier (in the American tradition) adopters of the ADEPT technology. Thanks guys, I could say “we are right behind you”, but as this is not a pusher installation, let’s say “let’s just pull together to build an iconic aircraft”.