2021 Sun ‘n Fun

14 Apr 2021

Really great to see the enthusiastic vibe and crowds flocking to Lakeland for this year’s event. Good weather and support from both exhibitors and visitors, possibly better attendance than in 2019. Great effort by the organizers, and well done ACE.

Our US affiliate, Lee Brinley, who has set up ADEPT Propulsion Technologies in Texas to support the ADEPT product line in the USA, is at the show. Although we do not have a booth, Lee will be meeting with current and potential customers, both private builders and several OEM airframe manufacturers. We will be making some interesting announcements with regard to the US market soon.

Please look out for the good-looking guy in an ADEPT shirt and introduce yourself and say HI.

Enjoy the first major airshow in the last couple of years, and follow us on our social media and website links to share the exciting uptick in our flying fraternity.

For more info on the event, go to: www.flysnf.org